Soulful Diva


Soulful Diva also known as Elishema is an international singer, songwriter, and recording artist born and raised in Chicago, IL U.S.A . She is best known for her inspirational lyrics and stunning stage presence in the urban music scene and now as a dance music enthusiast, she hopes to change lives in a positive way with music that touches the soul and heals the heart. She grew up in a household of music lovers and parents who were talented singers as well. There wasn’t a day that went by that music didn’t echo throughout her childhood home. Her parents loved music very much and enjoyed hosting house parties and band rehearsals which gave Soulful diva her first wave of supporters as she would crash the parties and take center stage for everyone to hear her sing original songs she composed. As the years pressed on she continued to hone her skills in singing, dancing as well as music production, and made her grand entrance on to the music scene releasing her first R&B album in 2011 called “New Beginnings.” Following the launch of her album, she released many other singles that helped cultivate her fan base. She recently found a love for dance music and Soulful Diva seeks to dominate her lane and inspire the masses to feel great and be compelled to move their bodies to her soulful sounds.
Enjoy the song “The Music Got Me High” . Music produced by Ted Peters, lyrics & all vocals by Soulful Diva