Mykal Moziah

Mykal Moziah is a Jamaican born reggae artist who grew up in Kingston.
He has established himself as an advocate for community empowerment and self-help, using his music to inspire, motivate and encourage self-development. He believes that conscious music and genuine love is what the world needs today. With a career in the music industry for over 15 years in the UK, Mykal’s singing ability and stage craft began in Jamaica at the age of 10 in primary school. He attended Alpha Primary in Kingston in the late 70s and it was there his love for music and performance was established and developed. At that time, he was a key member of the school choir, drama club, dance group and football team. Those days were the fundamental building blocks for the musician and performer he is today.

After leaving primary school he went to Holy Trinity Secondary in the 80s and was still a very active performer, entering school festivals and representing his school football team at a national level. Mykal was known then by the name Rockbelly, a very determined and headstrong personality. His football talent was highlighted by Excelsior High School head coach at the time, Mr Brown, who offered Mykal a scholarship to attend the High school giving him the opportunity to play manning cup, a kind of premier league for high schools in Jamaica.
Whilst at high school Mykal continued to perform and entered more national festivals for the school and it was during that time that he heeded the calling of Rastafari. Ever since his faith has grown stronger, with his music now expressing those values of peace, love and unity for all. Going by the name Rockstone he established himself as a Folk Rock Reggae artist, then his big music break in his home country came about when he entered the very first Red Label Wine song competition in Jamaica, representing Kingston and St Andrew at the grand final in Montego Bay . Later in the same year he was offered an opportunity to travel to the UK with a film crew to shoot a regular TV program which in Jamaica is called “greetings from across the world”.
It was while Mykal was filming GATW he met his aunty and uncle who were living in South and North London at the time. When the filming of the program ended, Mykal decided to stay with his family to pursue his music career in the UK. The first band that he linked up with was the WTW Big Band which is uncle known by the name, CB, managed and played in.  London at the time was not very spiritual in Mykal’s view and so he moved to Birmingham, the second city of the UK. Mykal found the city more spiritual and it was there he truly started to find himself as a musician and artist.
The first band he founded was in 1998 called by his artist name which at the time was, “Rockstone”. In the year 2000 it evolved into Rockstone and the Y2K band. During this period Mykal was contributing to local communities in Birmingham such as Nechells, Newtown and Handsworth, coordinating music festivals and various community events. The band played in the West Midlands and up and down the UK doing various festivals such as Family Music Festival, Birmingham Arts Festival, Farmer Phil’s Festival in Shropshire and also supported Third World Band from Jamaica when they were touring Europe. Mykal was also doing his own radio show, a very inspiring and dynamic program called Kolcha Shock, which broadcasted in the city of Birmingham and also online globally. In 2007 the band was disassembled and Rockstone became “Mykal Moziah”.
Now going by his new name, Mykal started to perform as a solo artist and carried on doing his Radio show Kolcha Shock.  The radio show really supported the community in more ways than one and gave grassroots artists from the UK and around the world a platform to showcase their music and talent.  However 2015 Mykal had to make a difficult but serious decision to focus his energy on his own music career. Mykal currently resides in Manchester UK and is signed to an independent record company by the name MF-Records Spain.  His debut album Irie Reggae Volume 1 was released in December 2015.
Mykal hopes that one day, through music, all humanity will realize that their true purpose is to live together regardless of differences and that life is a gift to be cherished by all. Mykal’s lyrics, songs and music is a true reflection of this message. Music is produced by Ted Peters